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1953 Cadillac Convertible Barn Find Survivor


This is a Great ! 1953 Cadillac Convertible. This car has been stored inside in a garage with the same owner since 1973 !!! The car has never been left in a field to rot away or abandoned, it's a nice original car that has just been in storage for decades ! The car is in original condition and would make someone a great project to restore or do a little work to it and put it back on the road and drive it as a true survivor or rat rod style car. Before the car was parked someone brushed a quick coat of primer on it to help protect it, I have stripped off most all of it to reveal the original paint !  65 Years old and it has the original paint !!! Very rare to find. There are a few spots that were touched up on the original paint, mainly the passenger side rear 1/4 panel and a little on the doors. Overall the car is very solid, the main rust spots are the drivers side rocker panel right at the front where it meets the fender, and both rear 1/4 panels, in between the door and rear tire area, with the passenger side being worse than the drivers side. Both these area's have body fill in them from previous repairs, and will need new metal put in. The bottom of the fenders is solid, the bottoms of the doors is solid, as is the trunk and hood lips, inner fenders ect. Inside the doors, inside the trunk and under the hood are still all original paint and have never been touched ! Overall the car is pretty straight with very few dents or dings. The floors in the car will need a little work. The drivers side front floor has a large hole in it, the drivers side rear pan has a few smaller holes in it. The passenger side floor pans are rusty, but do not have any holes in them right now, but are a little week and may end up with a few small holes if they were sand blasted. The car is very solid and good underneath, there is a spot on the drivers side inner rocker panel right under where the hole in the floor is, as well as a smaller spot on the inner rocker farther back. The passenger side inner rocker is good. All the floor braces ect are good. The rear frame cross member, the small part that runs between the frame rails is bent in a bit, it sort of looks like someone might have had a trailer hitch or tried to push or pull something at one point, I see this allot and shouldn't be much to straight up, although it doesn't effect anything as is. Overall the frame is good, the floor braces and structure is good, the rocker panels are decent, it just needs a couple floor patches or pans. The seats are in good overall shape. I don't know if those are seat covers on them, or if someone re-upholstered them at some point, I don't believe that to be the original leather on the seats. I pulled the material back a little and it looks like the original leather is still under there, but I don't know it's condition of coarse. The door panels and side panels are Ok shape but are worn. All the trim is there. The original soft top boot cover is there as well. The only thing I see that is missing are the fender skirts. The trunk floor is in excellent shape, as is the spare tire well. Along the back edge where they all rust is very good, there is one small spot of rust on the drivers side, the passenger side is excellent. The car has the original spare tire, the original jack, trunk linings ect. This is a very original car ! The engine starts and runs really nice. It idles good and sounds good, but it does smoke. Upon checking the numbers on the motor it appears to be a 1952 Cadillac motor, so it's not a numbers matching car although it all looks original and correct. It currently runs off a portable gas can as I haven't cleaned out the tank yet. The transmission does work, the car will yard drive and will drive on a trailer, but it has no brakes. The transmission does leak pretty badly when running, and the rear main oil seal also appears to be leaking. The two issues may be easy fixes as they are probably just dried seals from the car sitting so long, but I haven't looked into them. The hydraulics on the car are not working, so I haven't been able to check the windows or top. The hydraulic motor under the hood clicks when power is put to it, so it will need to be re-built. The battery in the car is brand new. There is a good solid replacement front top grill bar to replace the one on the car. The tires are new. The windshield does have a crack in it. The original colors of the car are Gloss Green with Light Green & Dark Green Leather Interior with a Green top. It was equipped with the optional E-Z Eye tinted glass as well. 

Overall this is a very well preserved original car that is solid overall and a good start if someone wanted to restore one. With only 8,367 ever made it can be very hard to find one of these '53's left that hasn't been restored and hasn't been left to rot away in a field!

I have a clear title to the car in my name and will help with shipping anyway I can. I have shipped & helped shipped cars overseas in the past and will work with overseas buyers. I also have lots of experience in shipping cars to the US, and can help with that too. There are no problems with this car going back to the US, it was originally sold new in the US and is exempt from most regulations due to that and it's age. Please inquire about shipping before purchasing, Thanks.

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We specialize in 1955 - 1956 Cadillac Car Parts. I bought my first Cadillac, a 1956 Coupe De Ville over 20 years ago and have been passionate about Cadillac’s ever since. After spending 5 + years restoring that 1956 Coupe and then subsequently owing and working on several others including a 1957 Brougham, 1955 Biarritz, a 1958 Seville and a 1959 Convertible it became clear that there was a desperate need for parts to not only keep these cars on the road but to help restore them to their former glory. Faded Fins was born out of this need.

I specialize in used, OEM parts to ensure proper fit and quality. I normally have 20 - 24 cars that I am parting out at any given time, this way I have the correct part from the correct year and model of Cadillac. This is important because there were so many different models made, and the parts do not always interchange not only from year to year, but from model to model. With so many cars and so many parts it is impossible to list all my parts so please e-mail me with your requests and I will do my very best to help you.

Please check out my E-Bay Store to view some of the parts I currently have off and for sale, but remember, if you don’t see it listed, ask!
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